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Vegetable Juice Recipes for Optimum Health

Lets talk about vegetable juice recipes for optimum health. I have been a writer for the last few years, well, on and off, really, for a number of years while I was still an office worker. But it is only recently that I landed the opportunity to write a short series of articles on health issues pertinent to women. Because the concept is still fairly new to many female readers out there, I’ve decided to have a chat with you about the strange but exciting world of juicing. And this first article goes straight to the kitchen with vegetable juice recipes for awesome health. The writing time and space is rather short, I’m afraid. Well, actually, that is not a bad thing. I’d like to believe that I am responding quite positively to the online vagaries of reading stolidly online. I could go on and on because the list of vegetable juice recipes for optimum health is pretty much endless. So, all I’m going to be treating you with in this short space of time is just three of my favorite vegetable juice recipes (yes, I do have others) and fill you in sweetly on why I like the healthy power they pack. And, of course, they taste rather sweet as well. For making things easy on the eye and for storing away when you are ready to try them out, I have listed the three recipes I have in mind in alphabetical order. The first vegetable juice recipe I will be sharing with you is a pure vegetable juice. The next juice recipe has carrots as its main ingredient. So too, the final recipe. But there is more, this last recipe has celery as an important ingredient, and like the other recipes and ingredients, I will explain the health benefits that you will be getting from them. Bloody good vegetable juice Ingredients – Blood red, in some cases; red beetroot, red pepper and a red tomato; then; carrots, cucumber, florettes of broccoli, oh, and a red potato too, ginger Healthy benefits – That color red again. It’s because this juice recipe, when you combine all the ingredients together into your juicer after slicing and dicing them, helps to keep your red blood healthy. It also optimizes your body’s immune system and is a good check against cancer. Why I like them – Apart from the fact that with so many ingredients all combined together, this powerful red juice is so easy to make, and within minutes – so it saves me a helluva lot of time when I’m in a rush, I’m mad about this juice because it’s really good for my skin as well. What woman doesn’t enjoy her skin feeling moist and soft and glowing all of the time? I know I do. Carrot juice with apple Ingredients – But a fruit to start off the day with. Fruit is a great accompaniment for breakfast. And, of course, breakfast is still the most important meal of the…

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Green vegetable juice smoothie with root vegetables such as beets, sweet potato and ginger, and lettuce. Spinach, cucumber, leafy greens ingredients for vegeterian smoothies.

Let’s Focus Only on the Healthy Benefits of Juicing

Gosh, yes, I’m still talking about juicing. Why not? No, I haven’t gotten carried away; it’s just that I thought that after the theme of fruit and vegetable juice recipes for optimum health was introduced, I may as well carry on with it. It has been a worthwhile exercise so far because I have utilized my own personal experiences and thoughts on this juicy matter. The approach I took was intended to make the reading as easy and enjoyable as possible. Just to put you into the juicing mood, I shared a few recipes that I have stored away handily on my laptop and in my kitchen. And so onto this fresh approach for today’s article where I’ll be focusing mainly on the healthy benefits of juicing. This time around I will not be dispensing any further notes on healthy fruit and juice recipes. This is where you get to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your own. Believe you me, if you are that determined to get your weight down and your health up, you will embrace this exercise. Take a jaundiced view to everything you discover and read and you will be fine. Don’t mess about and waste your time on material that is crassly promotional. But take to heart the informative material that is prepared to warn you on some aspects of the juicing and juice consumption regime. If there is a bit of objectivity being shared then you can be assured that your information dispenser has your health at heart. I found this exercise invigorating when I first started reading and researching about juicing machines, fruit and vegetable, and smoothie recipes. The best information always listed in detail all the ingredients, and it was always fascinating learning about what each ingredient’s healthy benefits hold for the human heart, body and mind. This does not mean to say that any aspect of juice drinking in the fanatical manner that you may be familiarizing yourself with by now is inherently bad for you. A sane, balanced and pragmatic view is what is called for. Just because someone is saying, me included, this specific fruit and vegetable juice recipe is super duper fantastic for one scribe does not mean it is going to have the same splendiferous effects for you and others. That is one aspect of health that folks often seem to forget, especially when they get carried away with the excitement of their new discoveries. Everyone’s body and mind, women’s especially, clocks differently. It takes both a holistic and scientific approach to discovering what juice and meal recipes really work best for you. A studious and patient approach is needed because it can take quite a bit of trial and error before you are able to zone into a healthy eating plan and juice recipe cocktail that is almost perfect for you. For the rest of the way, let me chat to you about three aspects that you need to be aware of when…

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Two cups of fresh vegetable juice on kitchen counter with vegetables in background

Fruit and Vegetable Juices to Go

It is not the best way to start an online article, that much I know, but anyway, here goes; sorry, girls, I just could not help myself. To start off with an apology or some or another form of negative sentiment, generally speaking, cannot be healthy. But if I could just explain myself for a moment. The first two articles in this online series of mine have been focused wholly on fruit and vegetable juices for optimum health. I thought to myself; why the heck not. Why not share with you my enthusiasm for propagating the fact that fruit and vegetable juices are very good for your health. So, I have decided to continue with this trend. I am going to stick to a similar format (as I did in the previous two articles) and share with you a couple more of my favorite fruit and vegetable juices. As a bonus, I am now going to add smoothies to the mix as well. And in keeping with my enthusiasm, I’ll be telling you why these juices are good for you and why I like them. Tropical juice Ingredients – Kiwi fruit, papaya, pineapple, coconut water. Oh, there’s ginger included here too. Healthy benefits – This handy summer drink is good for a good night’s rest. The tropical season fruits are also good for loosening up your bowels in the morning. Why I like them – I keep this juice as icy cold as possible in my refrigerator for a couple of days (it cannot be longer than that, otherwise the fruity juice will go off) and then when it’s really hot, I’ll take it down like I’ve been in the desert for a few days. If you want to enjoy this juice the way I do, you’re better off juicing the ingredients until fine so that you can enjoy this juice just as you would if you were fixated with an ice cold soda. Speaking of which, you can add ice to this drink as well. The ice needs to be crushed. Apples and lemons (only) Ingredients – Apples, lemons (obviously) – four apples and two lemons, just to be precise; also two cool cucumbers and a cup of water to be added to your custom juicer. Healthy benefits – Vitamin K in this juice recipe. It’s an ideal accompaniment to help you stave off hunger pangs. This is an ideal juice for those of you who are intentionally trying to lose weight. Why I like them – Since a young age, I have always been accustomed to apples (and bananas) being added to my breakfast and lunch menu, even when I was going through that junk food phase. Familiarity breeds contentment, so why not continue enjoying a taste that you are used to by now. This is a light in-between meals drink that is also quite tasty. You can leave off the lemons for now if your taste buds are not quite used to its tang. Ginger power Ingredients…

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Health food with super foods concept to boost brain cognitive function on slate background. Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anthocyanins. Top view.

A Sample Goodie Bag of Healthy Condiments and Supplements

Today we are going to have loads of fun, girls. Those of you just starting out in trying to lose weight drastically and get your bodies and minds into shape health-wise are forgiven in wondering how this is at all possible. How is it possible to have fun while talking about and reading up about health-related issues and the things you need to do to move your body and mind in the right, healthy direction? Believe me, I know. It was never easy in the beginning. But with all the new innovations, ideas and products out there, it has become a lot easier to set the mind and body in the right direction, even for the very first time, in getting slim and trim and wholesomely healthy. And happy too, by the way. Part of the healthy mindset does mean that you should be having fun while you exercise to lose weight. It should be playtime at mealtimes as well. It is an exciting journey for you because around every corner is something quite new that might just give you a pleasant surprise. Not a heart attack but a wonderful jolt that gets you to the point of asking yourself; why didn’t I think of that. It’s still happening a lot to me these days. I did something now the other day that most girls simple love doing. If they can afford it, mind you. Shopping until you drop is still a popular pastime for many ladies of all walks of life, shapes and sizes out there. But it has become a pain in the flabby butt now that things have become so frightfully expensive. And many girls have recklessly put themselves into debt by maxing out on cards they had no business acquiring in the first place. Ask me, I know exactly how it feels to be in debt. It doesn’t make you happy at all now does it? Financial well-being is yet another important element towards successfully becoming healthy and well. All over, so much so that you can never stop glowing. You are gushing for more goodies. Which is where I come in today. I’ve been at it again. I went shopping again, but this time with a difference. I’ve come home with a sample goodie bag of healthy condiments and supplements which we can all use to add more pep to whatever we are trying to achieve in the kitchen. One thing that I’m not too chuffed about is the fact that many of these organic products remain a lot more expensive than all those other unwholesome things we have become accustomed to buying over the years. But thank goodness for the internet. You can go online shopping to get a better deal, especially on those things that are really good for your health and wellness. Online there is more than enough information about strange new products you may never have heard of before. And then there is the price, just above the all-important purchase button,…

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Make vegetables juice in juicer machine

I Thought You’d Like to Know About My Personal Juicing Journey

But before I do that, let me just pick up from where I left off in my very first article to you. As you may recall, I gave you a very short sample of my personal favorites. These were vegetable focused juice recipes which mainly serve you well in fully optimizing your health. Or to encapsulate briefly; vegetable juice recipes for optimum health. Now that I think about it, I think my personal juicing journey coincides well with this juice recipe listing. One of the nicest things about my juicing discoveries was that I never really had to discard my proverbial sweet tooth. And having said that, I have now let the cat out of the bag. I was not always a healthy girl and what with my sweet tooth and all, I was always fond of feasting on loads of chocolates, cakes and cookies, all with the icing and sugary juice dripping off of my fingers and lips. My gosh, I seem to have let out quite a mouthful in regard to my personal juicing journey already. This is not how I intended to start this personal article, nor was it what I promised my devoted readers. You are such sweet girls for staying patiently with me, so let me press on with my green juice recipe. And in a bit, I’ll explain why have decided to call it the ‘green, green juice of home’. Green, green juice of home Ingredients – Yes, they are all green; and one fruit has been added; it’s a green apple too, you see. The green veggies included in this juicing recipe are; celery, kale leaves, parsley. For extra zing, in more ways than one, two more fruits get added to this recipe. They are your ouchy bitter lemon and lime. And with a potent slice of ginger added. Contents – Amino acids, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium. Healthy benefits – All the ingredients put together are potent for cleansing your body of all of its harmful toxins. That being said, this green, green juice is a powerful tour de force for working as an effective detox agent. Why I like them – It does two things really well for me. For one thing, because of past bad eating habits, I like to put my lithe body to the sword for a few days on a detox diet. This green juice recipe serves its purpose well. And like the bloody good vegetable juice recipe I mentioned in my first article, this green juice is also marvelous for keeping my beautiful skin clean and pure at all times. This is another reflection of my previous dirty eating habits whereby all the oily and fatty foods kept my skin’s pores grimy, dirty and flaky all of the time. Not any more, not with this juice and my absolutely fabulously good and healthy eating habits. The grass is always greener on the other side when you are healthy Let me tell you then why I…

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Clean water (healthy concept)

Eight Glasses of Water, Eight Days a Week

We get carried away so quickly with all the health fads these days that we often forget the most critically important things we need to be doing every day of our lives to ensure that we remain healthy and supple. And one of the most important things I find a lot of folks are neglecting is that very important matter of drinking just tap water on a regular basis. It is true to say that many folks have become accustomed to new tastes and can be tempted to indulge in those rather than partake in the bland ritual of drinking tasteless water. But you will be surprised. Just try it out and see how quickly you get used to the taste, so much so that you really look forward to your next glass of water. The doctor always said we should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Never a truer bit of medical advice has been dispensed. Today, there are new arguments doing the rounds of the internet information that suggest that you do not need to be drinking so much water in a single day. There are valid reasons for this but now is not the time. Now, all I’m going to be doing for the rest of the way is expounding on the very important reasons why you should be drinking water on a regular basis. I’ll address those weight watchers right away with this rather positive caveat. Dear weight watchers, you will be surprised to learn that the more water you drink, the more weight you will lose. Supplement even your diet sodas right away with a good glass of water. Water cleanses the body as well. Take that home with you the next time you toy tentatively with the idea of going on a detox diet of fruit juice and vegetable juice and organic smoothies. Water, would you believe, dear weight watchers, also stifles your hunger pangs. It is quite a healthy habit that takes some getting used to. I can’t remember when last I snacked on a bag of salty crisps. It was so easy to fall into that temptation. You would be sitting at your desk, typing furiously as I am doing right now, and because of all the energy you were using, you’d start to feel quite hungry. But it was a long way off of your next dinner time. And because you were so busy, there wasn’t enough time to rustle up a nice tuna sandwich or salad. If only you tried it, and if only you knew. Instead of preparing something healthy to see us through to dinner, we go and grab a bag of crisps or a packet of chocolate chip cookies. Zippity zap, that’s all the time it took to open the bag. But that nauseating taste in your mouth after you’ve consumed a lot more sodium than your stomach and digestive system could handle. Both your stomach and system can handle a nice cool glass…

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