Eight Glasses of Water, Eight Days a Week

Clean water (healthy concept)

Eight Glasses of Water, Eight Days a Week

We get carried away so quickly with all the health fads these days that we often forget the most critically important things we need to be doing every day of our lives to ensure that we remain healthy and supple. And one of the most important things I find a lot of folks are neglecting is that very important matter of drinking just tap water on a regular basis. It is true to say that many folks have become accustomed to new tastes and can be tempted to indulge in those rather than partake in the bland ritual of drinking tasteless water.

But you will be surprised. Just try it out and see how quickly you get used to the taste, so much so that you really look forward to your next glass of water. The doctor always said we should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Never a truer bit of medical advice has been dispensed. Today, there are new arguments doing the rounds of the internet information that suggest that you do not need to be drinking so much water in a single day. There are valid reasons for this but now is not the time.

Now, all I’m going to be doing for the rest of the way is expounding on the very important reasons why you should be drinking water on a regular basis. I’ll address those weight watchers right away with this rather positive caveat. Dear weight watchers, you will be surprised to learn that the more water you drink, the more weight you will lose. Supplement even your diet sodas right away with a good glass of water. Water cleanses the body as well. Take that home with you the next time you toy tentatively with the idea of going on a detox diet of fruit juice and vegetable juice and organic smoothies.

Water, would you believe, dear weight watchers, also stifles your hunger pangs. It is quite a healthy habit that takes some getting used to. I can’t remember when last I snacked on a bag of salty crisps. It was so easy to fall into that temptation. You would be sitting at your desk, typing furiously as I am doing right now, and because of all the energy you were using, you’d start to feel quite hungry. But it was a long way off of your next dinner time. And because you were so busy, there wasn’t enough time to rustle up a nice tuna sandwich or salad.

If only you tried it, and if only you knew. Instead of preparing something healthy to see us through to dinner, we go and grab a bag of crisps or a packet of chocolate chip cookies. Zippity zap, that’s all the time it took to open the bag. But that nauseating taste in your mouth after you’ve consumed a lot more sodium than your stomach and digestive system could handle. Both your stomach and system can handle a nice cool glass of water which only takes a minute to pour. And you will be surprised at what this glass of water does.

Did I say it already; it staves off those hunger pangs. Yep, that’s right, it staves off your hunger pangs. Whether you are seated at your desk for long periods of time or active on your feet for most of the day, water does your body well by keeping you well hydrated for most of the day. It helps to keep up those energy levels as a result. As a natural cleanser, it also helps to stave off harmful bacteria and diseases. It keeps your internal organs clean and healthy. So, who needs a detox diet anyhow?

All we would have to do next is simply watch what we eat in order to keep our digestive tracts and bowels clean. This is good and important news for those of you who suffer from IBT, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome. Regular water and you would not need to resort to medicines that don’t taste too nice. In fact, they have a rather nasty and bitter taste, in some cases. Water keeps your skin clean and fresh and I love that about my water. I love the way my skin feels and looks.

You save money on your cosmetics range as well. No need to punish your skin with moisturizers at night, doesn’t matter whether they are loaded with chemicals or organically prepared. Water is even cleaner. Water keeps both your blood and bones strong. This is necessary for you if you’re going to be spending more time on weights in the gym. Gosh, I could go on and on, but time is running out. Breathe in and breathe out, Carla. Let’s see how much more we can squeeze in before we wrap this article up for the girls.

Water lubricates your joints. That makes sense. It protects your body against regular wear and tear, all eight days of your very busy week. Eight days a week, I tell you.