Fruit and Vegetable Juices to Go

Two cups of fresh vegetable juice on kitchen counter with vegetables in background

Fruit and Vegetable Juices to Go

It is not the best way to start an online article, that much I know, but anyway, here goes; sorry, girls, I just could not help myself. To start off with an apology or some or another form of negative sentiment, generally speaking, cannot be healthy. But if I could just explain myself for a moment. The first two articles in this online series of mine have been focused wholly on fruit and vegetable juices for optimum health. I thought to myself; why the heck not. Why not share with you my enthusiasm for propagating the fact that fruit and vegetable juices are very good for your health.

So, I have decided to continue with this trend. I am going to stick to a similar format (as I did in the previous two articles) and share with you a couple more of my favorite fruit and vegetable juices. As a bonus, I am now going to add smoothies to the mix as well. And in keeping with my enthusiasm, I’ll be telling you why these juices are good for you and why I like them.

Tropical juice

Ingredients – Kiwi fruit, papaya, pineapple, coconut water. Oh, there’s ginger included here too.

Healthy benefits – This handy summer drink is good for a good night’s rest. The tropical season fruits are also good for loosening up your bowels in the morning.

Why I like them – I keep this juice as icy cold as possible in my refrigerator for a couple of days (it cannot be longer than that, otherwise the fruity juice will go off) and then when it’s really hot, I’ll take it down like I’ve been in the desert for a few days. If you want to enjoy this juice the way I do, you’re better off juicing the ingredients until fine so that you can enjoy this juice just as you would if you were fixated with an ice cold soda. Speaking of which, you can add ice to this drink as well. The ice needs to be crushed.

Apples and lemons (only)

Ingredients – Apples, lemons (obviously) – four apples and two lemons, just to be precise; also two cool cucumbers and a cup of water to be added to your custom juicer.

Healthy benefits – Vitamin K in this juice recipe. It’s an ideal accompaniment to help you stave off hunger pangs. This is an ideal juice for those of you who are intentionally trying to lose weight.

Why I like them – Since a young age, I have always been accustomed to apples (and bananas) being added to my breakfast and lunch menu, even when I was going through that junk food phase. Familiarity breeds contentment, so why not continue enjoying a taste that you are used to by now. This is a light in-between meals drink that is also quite tasty. You can leave off the lemons for now if your taste buds are not quite used to its tang.

Ginger power

Ingredients – Ginger (yeah, right), a lemon quarter (yup, that’s right), three whole apples (nice and juicy), a frozen banana (sweet), frozen berries (even sweeter), honey, almond milk, kale leaves (a taste to good used to).

Healthy benefits – Ginger is great as a proven anti-inflammatory aid. The ginger also helps the ageing body cope with joint pains and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. This eclectic recipe is also ideal for those of you brave enough to try your hand at a detox recipe for a couple of days (but no more than that please).

Why I like them – In case you have forgotten, I still have my sweet tooth; so of course, I’m in love with my bananas and berries which all give off a rather sweet flavor. To add to the sweet flavor there’s your raw organic honey as well. Apples, depending which ones you pick out, can be quite sweet too.

Almond milk craze

Ingredients – Almond milk, low in fat, is ideal for those of you who would like to try out being vegan. I have included my favorite banana, pineapple (pieces and juice) and kale leaves to this drink.

Healthy benefits – Low in fat, or completely fat free, this drink is ideal for those of you doing a bit of weight watching.

Why I like them – The sweet and ripe banana compensates for that lack of fat. See, you can still enjoy sweet indulgences while on a weight losing program.

A sweet indulgence with more nuts

Ingredients – Not just almond milk, this time real, whole nuts – raw cashew nuts, hazelnuts and pistachios. Two sweet bananas coupled with pitted and chopped raw dates are added to this sweet and fruity smoothie drink. Just a spoonful of medicine in the form of finely chopped ginger gets added as well. If you don’t fancy ice with your drink, you can just add water in its place. Oh, and try to get used to this, a bunch of kale leaves complete the recipe.

Why I like them – Back in the day, cashew nuts was something of a luxury. The same goes for all the other exotic nuts; they were all just frightfully so expensive. They still are in many parts of the world. I thought I was doing myself a favor by indulging in salty cashews as a useful replacement for my favored salty crisps or chips. But there you go; too much sodium doesn’t matter what healthy food you’re consuming, does plenty of harm to your blood and heart. It’s taken me a while, so I guess I have become used to the raw, unsalted nuts by now. Dried fruit added to the mix does help to stave off the unhealthy craving for salt.

Not just fruit and vegetables for optimum health

Ingredients – And not just fruit and vegetable juice recipes for optimum health. Smoothies, vegan in this case, too. A green apple, a stalk of celery, also green, kale leaves (green too), as well as a tablespoon of ground flax seed, a small cup of ice and a cup of almond milk.

Why I like them – This vegan smoothie glass has a piquant taste, not sweet but never bitter either, and with the ice added, it is quite refreshing for those hot summer mornings.