I Thought You’d Like to Know About My Personal Juicing Journey

Make vegetables juice in juicer machine

I Thought You’d Like to Know About My Personal Juicing Journey

But before I do that, let me just pick up from where I left off in my very first article to you. As you may recall, I gave you a very short sample of my personal favorites. These were vegetable focused juice recipes which mainly serve you well in fully optimizing your health. Or to encapsulate briefly; vegetable juice recipes for optimum health. Now that I think about it, I think my personal juicing journey coincides well with this juice recipe listing.

One of the nicest things about my juicing discoveries was that I never really had to discard my proverbial sweet tooth. And having said that, I have now let the cat out of the bag. I was not always a healthy girl and what with my sweet tooth and all, I was always fond of feasting on loads of chocolates, cakes and cookies, all with the icing and sugary juice dripping off of my fingers and lips. My gosh, I seem to have let out quite a mouthful in regard to my personal juicing journey already. This is not how I intended to start this personal article, nor was it what I promised my devoted readers.

You are such sweet girls for staying patiently with me, so let me press on with my green juice recipe. And in a bit, I’ll explain why have decided to call it the ‘green, green juice of home’.

Green, green juice of home

Ingredients – Yes, they are all green; and one fruit has been added; it’s a green apple too, you see. The green veggies included in this juicing recipe are; celery, kale leaves, parsley. For extra zing, in more ways than one, two more fruits get added to this recipe. They are your ouchy bitter lemon and lime. And with a potent slice of ginger added.

Contents – Amino acids, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium.

Healthy benefits – All the ingredients put together are potent for cleansing your body of all of its harmful toxins. That being said, this green, green juice is a powerful tour de force for working as an effective detox agent.

Why I like them – It does two things really well for me. For one thing, because of past bad eating habits, I like to put my lithe body to the sword for a few days on a detox diet. This green juice recipe serves its purpose well. And like the bloody good vegetable juice recipe I mentioned in my first article, this green juice is also marvelous for keeping my beautiful skin clean and pure at all times. This is another reflection of my previous dirty eating habits whereby all the oily and fatty foods kept my skin’s pores grimy, dirty and flaky all of the time. Not any more, not with this juice and my absolutely fabulously good and healthy eating habits.

The grass is always greener on the other side when you are healthy

Let me tell you then why I have called this juice my ‘green, green juice of home’. Well, of course I am always going to be using it at home. But I can also take it with me to the gym or to the office. That’s especially the case for when I’m on a detox diet for a couple of days. But of course, dearies, while I’m detoxing, I won’t be at the gym. I must just warn you that you need to be careful before you put yourself on a detox diet. If you’re in the unhealthy state that I was in once upon a time, your body’s going to be quite vulnerable.

Also, if you’re exercising regularly, your body is going to need a lot more healthy nutrients that one or two simple detox juices a day just simply cannot give it. My full name is Carla Burton, as in the late, great and really gorgeous Richard Burton. He was a great Welshman, once upon a time. He was also married not once, but twice to Elizabeth Taylor, one of the greatest screen goddesses of all time. And I’m a Welsh girl at heart, through and through and the blood that courses through my veins is, of course, very, very red.

The sexy old crooner, Tom Jones is also a Welshman, and one of my favorite songs from his lips is the ‘green, green grass of home’. So, there you have it. That’s why I’ve decided to call my green juice thus.

Great news; you’ll never need to lose your sweet tooth

If you’ve had a sweet tooth all these years just like me, then you are not about to be bitterly disappointed when you finally decide to whet your lips with fruity loopy juice recipes. Regular juice drinking brings you many sweet benefits in more ways than one. But on the sweetest side of things, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are a lot more sugars in fruits than the sweet junk you’ve been gorging on up until just recently. Only these natural sugars are very good for your health.