Simple and Easy Ways to Stay Healthy

No matter where you turn someone is always giving some kind of advice on how to stay healthy. To be honest with you, it can be utterly confusing sometimes and you just want to throw your hands up in the air and say “Why bother?”. I don't blame you. Seems everyone knows best about how to stay healthy. Sometimes they offer so much information that it just doesn't make sense why they seem to make it so hard to do it. But really, it shouldn't be that difficult and it's not really. Here are some simple common sense things that you can do every day to try to stay healthy as you can. Eat a Balanced Diet   There's no getting around it, your diet does have a direct effect on your health. If you have the right diet going for you, you can control or even get rid of high blood pressure, heart disease and even diabetes. The AHA, American Heart Association says that we need to try to eat a variety of foods that are nutrient dense like low fat dairy products, whole grains, veggies and fruits and eat less sugar and fat. And to make sure to drink alcohol in moderation no more than one or two drinks a day. Get Enough Good Sleep When you don't get enough quality sleep you can actually put yourself at risk for a heart attack, high blood pressure and a variety of other very serious health issues. It is recommended that we all as adults should try to get eight to eight and a half hours of sleep every night in order to stay healthy. Don't Forget to Exercise You probably sigh at that one, but you don't need as much exercise as you might think to stay healthy. In reality it is recommended that adults ages 18 to 64 get about 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise a week with some muscle strengthening activities twice a week. So it's really not that much when you consider it's spread over a week and you'd be surprised at how you can get that exercise. You can do it gardening, taking walks, light jogging, walking during your lunch breaks, shopping and so on. Wear a Seat Belt and Helmets That's right, buckle up when driving in a vehicle, not only will it save your life but save you from getting a ticket and paying a big chunk of money for not wearing one. Also if you ride a bike or a motorcycle don't forget to wear those helmets, and helmets are not just for bikes or motorcycles. It's recommended they be worn when you skate, ATV, ski or even snowboard. Do this and you have a better chance of staying healthy. Wear Sunscreen   By now we all know that too much exposure to the sun causes cancer as well as premature aging. So always make sure that you wear a sunscreen when you are going to be outside for awhile. You…

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Water Parks Great For Summer Fun

Everyone loves to cool off during the summer and often look for great places where they can enjoy the thrill of rides along with getting wet at the same time. If you like traveling and want to find some great water parks you want to put on your “Bucket List” to visit I've come up with a list of some of the best water parks you'll find in the United States. Each one has it's own uniqueness and have something for everyone of all ages. Hopefully one or two if not more will wind up on your “Bucket List” to travel to and enjoy! The Schlitterbahn – This water park seems to make everyone's list. It is nicely located just outside of San Antonio and not far from Austin, Texas and it has a wonderful assortment of water attractions that are sure to please everyone of all ages. It's main attraction is called the “Master Blaster”, which is a long, twisty water roller coaster with a variety of thrilling uphill sections as well as downhill sections that will definitely put the butterflies in your stomach. This water park is open from May to the middle of September. Water Country – This one is located in Portsmouth, NH and this is New England's top water park and it's a really simple drive from Massachusetts, anywhere in Hew Hampshire and even Maine. It has a huge wave pool, a really nice long and relaxing river you can relax drifting down and it's main feature is called “Geronimo” and it is one of the tallest and steepest water slides in the country. This water park is open from early June to early September. Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World – No need to say where this is located at. The Blizzard Beach is a really cute water park and is one of two found at Walt Disney World and it's famous for adorable cartoon like design. It almost looks like an alpine village melted and turned ski slopes into tons of fun and very kid friendly water slides. This water park is open all year round. Wet 'N Wild – This water park is also in Orlando, FL and there are no shortages of first class thrills here. It's most popular attraction is the “Bomb Bay”. On this water ride you get into a hatch and then wait a few seconds before the floor opens up and drops you straight down without warning. This park is also open all year round. Noah's Ark – This park is located in Wisconsin Dells, WI and is just one of 21 different water parks located in this city alone. They have 18 water parks that are indoors and three that are outdoors with Noah's Ark being one of the outdoor parks. This is a great little park that has a ton of themed rides and includes four different water play areas for the younger kids. This park is open in late May to early September. Water…

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Visiting South Florida and Want to Walk?

Are you planning a trip to South Florida and want to find some great places where you can enjoy some good walking as well as some great scenery? Well, there tend to be plenty of places it seems in South Florida to do just that and here are just a few places you might want to do your walking at. The Waterfront is a great place to start off with. There is the Hollywood Boardwalk and that runs right along the beach. It really is a pretty little spot that is dotted with palms and is squeezed between the beautiful ocean and a lot of restaurants and shops that you can amuse yourself with while enjoying your walk. There is a nice 2 ½ mile wide promenade that includes a separate bike lane so if you don't want to walk you can always rent a bike and do some bike riding instead. If you are more into wilderness atmosphere then you will want to check out Deerfield Island Park. This nice little park is located on the Intracoastal Waterway. This is a gopher tortoise refuge and you can only get to the island itself by boat, but there are actually free shuttles each weekend if you want to wait to go on the weekend. There is a very pretty loop that is a mile long that goes around the island where you'll get to see all kinds of wildlife like ibis, egrets and you might even be lucky enough to see some manatees. This island park also has a nice platform to look out over the island and the ocean and there are also picnic tables where you can bring your own lunch and enjoy the view. If you want to see even more wildlife while walking you won't want to miss the Green Cay Wetlands that can be found in Boynton Beach. This has a very well kept boardwalk where you can walk among the wetlands that include a forest, marsh and even a cypress dome. The entire beautiful walk is just 1.3 miles so it's pretty good for anyone from the infrequent walker to more experienced. You can find plenty walking if you go shopping at some of the prettiest malls and shopping areas in the state. One really great place to both walk and shop would be the Gardens Mall that is found in Palm Beach Gardens and it opens up especially for walkers every day at 7:30 in the morning. There are various laps around both the upper and lower levels of this mall and you will find plenty of benches to take a rest if needed. The mall is also nicely landscaped and has beautiful sculptures to enjoy and a really pretty fountain. Another great place to go for both shopping and walking is the Festival Flea Market Mall that you can find tucked away in Pompano Beach. This is a wonderful flea market that has over 350 vendors that you can check out on…

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Ways You Can Lose Weight and Burn Off the Fat Faster

Often times when we've been dieting and trying to lose weight there comes a time when you hit your plateau and it seems like you are no longer getting anywhere with your weight loss plan. This can be very discouraging and many times when people get to this plateau, which by the way, is extremely common, they tend to give up on their weight loss plan and just go back to their old habits. This is something you need to try to avoid, giving up. Losing weight is not easy, trust me I know, I've had my battles in the past, but I've also learned that you can't let yourself get discouraged enough to just throw up your hands and say “Forget it!”. No, you need to try to keep strong and continue on. This is why you need to find ways to boost your metabolism that is going to help you burn off the fat. There are ways you can do this and they don't include any crazy or fad diets nor any kind of strange workouts that are required. Here are a few things that you can do to help you get over the hump, lose weight faster and burn off that fat in a healthy manner: Green Tea   Make sure to have plenty of green tea on hand and drink plenty of it. Green tea is not just known for it's cancer fighting agents but it can help to boost your metabolism as well. It seems that those people who drank green tea three times a day actually experienced a 4% increase in their metabolic rate, that might not sound like a lot but when it comes to losing weight and burning fat you'd be surprised how much of a difference that can make! A Little Weight Training This is something that can really burn off the calories by lifting a few weights even if it's the small hand barbells, it's going to help you with increasing your ability to lose weight. Some quick exercises that one can do to get the metabolism going would be things like squats, bench step ups, push ups, pull ups and lunges. All of these exercises can help your build muscle and when your start gaining muscle you'll start burning off the fat. Eat Plenty of Iron   If we don't get enough of this particular mineral then our bodies aren't going to get enough oxygen sent to to the cells in our bodies and when that happens it is going to slow down our metabolism. You can take multivitamins that will increase the iron in our bodies but you can also eat a variety of foods that are high in iron such as lean red meats, chicken, cereal that is fortified with iron as well as soy nuts. And of course let's not forget spinach. Spinach is extremely high in iron so don't forget to add that to your diet. It's important that you try to eat three to…

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