Vegetable Juice Recipes for Optimum Health

Three glasses of healthy vegetable juice with surrounding ingredients, above view over rustic wood

Vegetable Juice Recipes for Optimum Health

Lets talk about vegetable juice recipes for optimum health. I have been a writer for the last few years, well, on and off, really, for a number of years while I was still an office worker. But it is only recently that I landed the opportunity to write a short series of articles on health issues pertinent to women. Because the concept is still fairly new to many female readers out there, I’ve decided to have a chat with you about the strange but exciting world of juicing. And this first article goes straight to the kitchen with vegetable juice recipes for awesome health.

The writing time and space is rather short, I’m afraid. Well, actually, that is not a bad thing. I’d like to believe that I am responding quite positively to the online vagaries of reading stolidly online. I could go on and on because the list of vegetable juice recipes for optimum health is pretty much endless. So, all I’m going to be treating you with in this short space of time is just three of my favorite vegetable juice recipes (yes, I do have others) and fill you in sweetly on why I like the healthy power they pack. And, of course, they taste rather sweet as well.

For making things easy on the eye and for storing away when you are ready to try them out, I have listed the three recipes I have in mind in alphabetical order. The first vegetable juice recipe I will be sharing with you is a pure vegetable juice. The next juice recipe has carrots as its main ingredient. So too, the final recipe. But there is more, this last recipe has celery as an important ingredient, and like the other recipes and ingredients, I will explain the health benefits that you will be getting from them.

Bloody good vegetable juice

Ingredients – Blood red, in some cases; red beetroot, red pepper and a red tomato; then; carrots, cucumber, florettes of broccoli, oh, and a red potato too, ginger

Healthy benefits – That color red again. It’s because this juice recipe, when you combine all the ingredients together into your juicer after slicing and dicing them, helps to keep your red blood healthy. It also optimizes your body’s immune system and is a good check against cancer.

Why I like them – Apart from the fact that with so many ingredients all combined together, this powerful red juice is so easy to make, and within minutes – so it saves me a helluva lot of time when I’m in a rush, I’m mad about this juice because it’s really good for my skin as well. What woman doesn’t enjoy her skin feeling moist and soft and glowing all of the time? I know I do.

Carrot juice with apple

Ingredients – But a fruit to start off the day with. Fruit is a great accompaniment for breakfast. And, of course, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day; apple, carrots, ginger, pineapple as well.

Contents – Minerals, vitamins A, B, K, potassium, beta carotene.

Healthy benefits – This juice does the trick for those girls who are carrying a lot of weight around their tummies, and would like to lose it extra fast, and wouldn’t mind feeling good inside as well.

Why I like them – Apart from the obvious cleansing benefits, I really enjoy this drink’s taste. The carrots lend it a bit of healthy sweetness, while the pineapple slice gives the drink its exotic tangy taste.

Celery and carrot juice

Ingredients – Carrots, celery, red pepper.

Contents  – Vitamin C.

Healthy benefits – The celery ingredient is good for your red blood as well. It’s a big help for reducing blood pressure. This is common for some women who are overweight at this time. The ingredients’ antioxidants are important as well because they help the arteries – through which red blood must flow easily and healthy – to relax. The vitamin C helps protect the blood’s arteries against oxidative damage. Ah, so that’s why they say a fruit is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants as in anti, as in against oxidants, see.

Why I like them – Actually, I’m not too crazy about this juice. It’s not the fault of the juice; it’s still very good for you. The fault is all mine. I can be so lazy at times, even if the task takes a minute to complete. One recipe recommendation says that you should leave all the celery leaves intact, but when you prepare them for juicing, you’ll need to give them a good rinse. And of course, rinsing of all ingredients remains necessary, doesn’t matter whether you’ll be using organic ingredients – as you should – or you’re stuck with inorganic supplies from your supermarket.

Oh, shoot; I forgot to add in one more personal favorite of mine. How could I forget?  I like to call it my ‘green, green juice of home’. And in my next article, which will stay with a fruit and vegetable juice theme for a bit, I’ll be explaining why. Hope you will be joining me for that one, and I do hope you enjoyed this first juicing article of mine.